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Salute e benessere Medicina
Sviluppatore Beijing eBridge Middleware Technology Co.,Ltd.

Many diseases can obtain the anomalies of clinical analysis through physical examination, in order to detect diseases and diagnose earlier. However, without medical treatment, the numerous and professional clinical projects make the ordinary people difficult to understand their physical condition and make a reasonable medical treatment. "Medical expert systems" provide a more comprehensive search function of clinical examination, let users control examination results anytime, so as to look up the relevant clinical significance and advice of medical treatment. The system also provides self-diagnostic function, based on the detected values and their clinical symptoms, with the use of the experience and expertise of clinical experts, simulated through data base and inference system, finally help people find out the underlying disease, and give specific medical advice. Medical experts allow users to learn medical knowledge in everyday life, everyone can become their own medical experts. Our aim is to realize low-cost, efficient in the service of mobile medical inquiries.